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YFSOL investment fund contributes to sustainable investment in some of Africa’s poorest regions

One of the funds that is used within the Yachting Financial Solutions 21st Century Investment Paradigm is Alquity Africa.

logo alquity

Through their funds Alquity Africa invest in some of Africa’s most exciting growth markets, in a sustainable way, while putting something back into those communities.

Their sustainable investment approach is all about baking a bigger cake, then sharing it more fairly – through low-cost micro-finance loans to small businesses.

Alquity are changing the world of investment management, and over 17,000 of the world’s poorest people are already benefiting.

We were recently updated on just one such success story to come out of the Alquity Africa investments that you, Yachting Financial Solutions clients, have helped to bring to life.

Here is Mercy’s story:

Mercy picture

Mercy Senyehah is a loan beneficiary through Opportunity International in Ghana. 7 years ago when her husband got into a great deal of debt, Mercy lost her job, her home, her friends, and eventually her husband too. With the small amount of money that she saved from the debt collectors, she managed to rent a plot of land and set up her own school.

She used her loans from Opportunity International initially to buy building materials and construct classrooms, and she now has over 250 pupils attending the school on a daily basis. She has now saved enough money to buy the land the school is built on, securing both her own future and that of her pupils. Through our work together we are helping people like Mercy realise their potential achieve this and secure a better future for their communities.

 Alquity africa

Alquity Africa’s investment funds show that it’s possible to deliver great returns by investing in a sustainable way. The funds lift up the poorest members of society in a way that actually enhances the investment returns.

And it is working! Here are some stats from this past year:

  • Attractive Returns: In the last year the Alquity Africa Fund delivered 16.3% return in US$
  • Sustainable Investment: Alquity Africa had the lowest volatility of all their peer group, which they attribute to their environmental, social and governance screening meaning we pick great long term companies
  • Transforming Lives: Alquity Africa donated $287,000 to Transforming Lives without in anyway impacting their clients returns. Since their launch in 2010 they have now donated over $450,000, transforming more than 17,000 lives – and this number is growing exponentially!!

Yachting Financial Solutions clients have helped to contribute to the success stories of Alquity Africa, and for that we would like to thank you all!

To find out more about putting together an investment plan which can provide you with good returns whilst giving something back to people like Mercy, request a financial planning consultation below.

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