YFSOL Stars is a strategy that gets the best investors in the world working for you.

We’ve identify some of the best investment managers in the world and combined their expertise in one simple strategy with a minimum investment in line with our existing POLARIS range of strategies. Often managers at this level require an individual minimum investment of EUR 100,000, which just isn’t possible for the average yachtie.

So who will be looking after your money? Two outstanding stock market investors and one star hedge fund manager from either side of the Atlantic, making up a team of six Star investors. They are the best in their field who are still accepting new investment money.

Warren Buffett (US)

Berkshire Hathaway

Neil Woodford (UK)

Woodford Equity Income fund

Ed Legget (UK)


Richard Driehaus (USA)

VAM Driehaus fund

Bruce Berkowitz  (USA)   

Fairholme Fund

Cripin Odey (UK)

Odey European

The YFSOL Stars concept is simple. We will invest 1/6 of the strategy in each managers primary fund. So, an investment of EUR 30,000 will have EUR 5,000 working in each. It’s not possible for a single client to invest EUR 5,000 in any of these fund, the minimums are all much higher. This is a huge advantage of the YFSOL Strategy approach.

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