YFSOL H (Harmony) is a portfolio of investments run by London-based Momentum Asset Management.

Momentum are responsible for investments totalling USD 5.6 billion, including USD 5 million on behalf of YFSOL clients. Harmony is a ‘best-in-breed strategy’. That means Momentum identifies the best managers in each investment sector worldwide and invests in their funds. We work closely with Momentum to review and manage the progress of your investments.

Watch the videos to see Clive and Teresa talk with Momentum’s Glyn Owen and Andrew Hardy about what drives YFSOL Harmony and their ‘best-in-class’ approach to fund selection.


Existing Polaris clients

You can add this strategy with minimal paperwork with an additional investment of EUR 10,000 or more to your Polaris portfolio.

New Polaris clients

Minimum investment EUR 25,000, which can be just in one YFSOL Polaris strategy or across a mixture of YFSOL Polaris strategies.