Safeguard your capital and beat the bank with YFSOL Core.

YFSOL Core is a low volatility, corporate bond strategy with a YFSOL 21st century twist. It is characterised by high liquidity and the potential for higher growth above a 6% target baseline.

Our exclusive arrangement with Jool Capital (Custodian Life’s parent company), who are the market leaders on the Nordic Capital markets, gives us access to both individual corporate bonds and bridging loan finance opportunities unavailable to most institutions and private investors. These are often only available for a few days.

Here’s how YFSOL Core works for you:

  • 60% of the strategy will be invested in market leading corporate bond funds
  • 25% of the strategy will be invested via individual corporate bonds
  • 15% of the strategy will be invested via individual bridging loans

Our Partners

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Growth Simulation with EUR 100,000

6% target baseline

Year 1

Year 5

Year 10

Existing POLARIS clients

You can add this with minimal paperwork with an additional investment of EUR 10,000 or more.

New POLARIS clients

Minimum investment EUR 25,000, which can be just in YFSOL CORE or across a mixture of YFSOL strategies.