YFSOL A (Alternative) is a strategy that puts your money into assets that are a little outside the mainstream.

You might say, some of them are boring—carparks, care homes, student accommodation. But boring doesn’t mean financially unappealing. Far from it.

And we’ve made sure that the strategy is flexible, by offsetting investments in fixed, illiquid assets, such as buildings, with investments in highly dynamic sectors such as agriculture, biotech, clean energy, digital communications, robotics, cyber security and water.

Have you noticed that all of the above are things people need and use on a daily basis? We believe this is an important part of modern investment thinking.

Lastly, we’ve rounded out YFSOL A with two long-established investment funds—two of the biggest and most reliably successful, in fact.

All in all, the combination of funds in YFSOL A makes for an exciting and dynamic strategy built on investments in what people actually need.



Existing POLARIS clients

You can add this with minimal paperwork with an additional investment of EUR 10,000 or more.

New POLARIS clients

Minimum investment EUR 25,000, which can be just in YFSOL A or across a mixture of YFSOL strategies.