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Are you ready to live your ideal independent life?

You won’t be in yachting forever. But you can use your yachting career to create the platform for a life that unlocks your full potential and passion.

So let’s talk about your ideal, independent life. Book a call with us below. No cost or obligation. Just 30 minutes of our time dedicated to you.

Our decades of experience is at your disposal—no cost, no obligation

Book a free 30-minute slot to talk about:


  • X = Where you want to go in life (X marks the spot)
  • Y = Why you want to go there
  • Z = Zest (How committed you are to getting there)
  • Whether we’re the right people to help you

Please note: we can’t review individual financial products. We can give you valuable guidance about getting your life & financial plan up and running.

Remember: Our life goal is to help you achieve your life and financial goals

This call is aimed at helping you think about the life you want to live. Your true life. Not the one dictated to you by the rhythm and demands of the boat. Yachting is a fabulous industry. But it puts you in a luxurious bubble and distracts you from your own genuine potential in life.

You were NOT put on this planet to serve the whims of the Global Elite.

You have a valuable life of your own to live.

We’ve dedicated our lives to helping you see what that is and achieve it.

This call is about your life goals and helping you think about how committed you are to achieving them.

IMPORTANT: We have nothing to sell on this call. Nor will we give you financial advice or review financial products or investments you’re interested in buying. All those things should be put in service of your life goal. You need to define that first.

Maybe you’ll discover you really like us during the call. You might decide to ask us to help you figure out and achieve your life goal. That would be wonderful.

Or maybe we won’t like each other at all.

At the very least, you’ll get to tap into our decades of experience for half an hour to help you focus on what really matters: your life.

What have you got to lose?