Special restrictions on the issuance of casino bonuses

What are casino bonuses?

An online casino bonus is money or game credits that the institution provides to the customer under certain conditions. The program Apple Pay casino Australia can help you with the deposit.

Do online casinos give invitation bonuses to all players?

In some situations, the institution has the right to refuse to give you bonuses.

  • Special restrictions. Sometimes online casinos do not credit invitation bonuses to residents of certain countries. Often this is due to the large number of bonus-hunters in these countries or the unwillingness of the portal management to develop in this region.
  • Expiration date. Welcome bonuses are active for a limited time. To become the owner of the first deposit bonus, you often need to deposit your account for one or two days after registration.
  • Too small a deposit. If the amount a new player deposits on his balance is less than the stipulated promotion terms, he is not entitled to a bonus.
  • Not a new account. Invitation bonuses are designed for newcomers only. Let's say you have played at a casino before, later blocked your account, and then decided to restore it. In this case, you can not participate in programs for new users.

Before registering, depositing and applying for bonuses, study the general rules of the casino and the terms and conditions of the promotions thoroughly.

Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to contact support for clarification.

Can a casino take away an accrued bonus?

Yes, and this happens quite often. The administration will not hesitate to cancel the bonus and the money won on it, if you violate at least one condition of the promotion.

In most situations, users violate the bonus wagering rules. Also, during the verification of the client's identity, it may turn out that he was not entitled to apply for bonus credits.

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