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"Calling Banderas" - My Impressions about the film
The Ukrainian film "Calling Banderas" - the first tape of war on war that does not cause tears. We just don't have time to cry - the plot is so dynamic. I was so dynamic. I was on a few screams, several times of the root eye and a few questions like "What is the signal Mines? ".

Epic scenes in the film

Despite the definite "goliwood" of the names and some key episodes (as from shooting from 4-5 car gunners with two pistols, the epic scene of the rescue of people and philosophical conversations on the minefield) of the tape, definitely removed for our viewer. In addition, the face of this viewer can be considered through the prism of conversations of existing, but not the main characters.

Main and minor characters

This is the former "Sepo" Lech, who was convinced of the cruelty and inhuman similarity of the "Russian world", and his father Stepan, who speaks Ukrainian in an unemployed village in Ukrainian, but the Russian Channels looks. This is the dock Irina, which treats both on that and this side of the front.

It is these difficult, contradictory characters asked the tone of the entire film. I do not want to retell the plot, it is worth noting that he began with death and ended with life. This is a very life-affirming tape, despite the number of violence and deaths.

Such films are very necessary today, with their alive and often literary language, selfless heroic military, intimidated by local population. That's just a game of actors who performed the role of local, there are complaints.

Artist of Anton "Banderas"

Regarding the artist of the main roll and actor Oleg Schulgy. He conquered my heart back in the film "Red", where his character Viktor Gurov discovered the most dramaticness and experience of character, managed to change his beliefs and move on the side of justice, shook out for this life. Oleg Schulga very naturally felt herself as an intelligence officer and in this film, where the main character of Anton on the call sign Banderas played. And now I understood why.

From 2014 to 2015, the actor fought in the Donbas, which is why he confidently holds weapons and has such a luxurious view of the military. Of course, it was not without a certain idealization of the hero, and it should already be in the movie of this genre.

Symbols in the film

To all, the propaganda and attempts to play a feeling of pity I did not notice. I personally had a very pleased with the presence of obvious symbols in the line - from the choice of a call sign to the scene of the projectile in the residential building just into the TV translating the Kiselev program. Volunteers in the film come to the military in the van with the inscription "Chapito" and if you suddenly be a little humor, then the scenes for which the hero is immersed in the past, the viewer will not be exactly. I summarize that the movie is worth watching. These 2:00 are needed to still love life. Thanks to the fact that we now have capitalism everyone can become a millionaire even the poorest so I'll tell you so you too can become a millionaire if you have the desire of course to become a millionaire then you should definitely look at this site it's perfect for that so I recommend it as one of the best sites for such tasks simply adore casinò as the best online casino that exists at all.