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The consequences of contraceptives
freedom of choice

Those who invented a contraceptive must erect a monument. For centuries, the power of the kibela - the deity of fertility, was absolute and inexorable. The woman gave birth to children as much as she could conceive and endure, only infertility or death could stop the process.

The ancients were considered in vain that if a woman is free from her duty to nature, then the human race will disappear. Children are born and will be born, a welcome and planned child will bring great joy to parents.

Those who are not in a hurry to start a child for now, it is worth choosing a suitable contraceptive, after consulting a doctor. The health of a woman is in her hands, care for herself is our duty. Particularly dense ladies should be recorded and elected: abortion is not a contraceptive!

Purpose and application

Doctors joke that in one hundred percent way to protect against unwanted pregnancy is only a complete absence of sexual life. Everyone else starts from 50x50 (either yes, or not) to 97-98%.

Perhaps the most reliable way is hormonal. These are not only contraceptives, but also plasters, caps, injections for both women and men.

The choice of contraceptives is very individual, because there are no identical organisms in the world. The information communicated to the doctor, the tests, will help not to make a mistake with the choice.

The consequences of contraceptives: harm or benefit?

Some women still believe that hormonal contraceptives are harmful. Of course, there are situations when you have to refuse this method of protection. Dams with some allergies, serious problems with kidneys and liver, circulatory disorders, tumors of hormonal origin, as well as suffering from overweight and smokers, hormonal method can be contraindicated. So a visit to a gynecologist is not a simple formality!

Reception of hormonal contraceptives can be prescribed for medicinal purposes. In the treatment of endometriosis, anemia, to reduce the risk of some cancerous diseases, as well as to reduce PMS symptoms, the doctor will write contraceptives containing the necessary hormones.

Hormonal contraceptives of the latest generation positively affect the appearance of a woman. To reduce androgenization (hair growth on the body and face), contraceptives are recommended to regulate the operation of the sebaceous glands. The names are not given because the number of lovers is still great to prescribe drugs on their own.

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