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Diet menu: Liver with fruit and carrots
Various fruits are often used for the preparation of salads, healthy drinks and desserts, they prepare kissels and jams.
At the same time, many fruits are perfectly combined with meat products, so they can be used to prepare hot dishes.
So, those who want to try some unusual dish with fruit, it is recommended to prepare a tender liver with tangerines and sour-sweet apples.
In such a dish, you can additionally add juice or zest some other citrus fruits, such as orange or lime.
- small cloves of garlic (three pieces);
- Rosemary leaves (10 g);
- salt (to taste);
- large mandarins without bones (three pieces);
- acute soybean sauce (25 ml);
- Beef liver (560 g);
- steep boiling water (90 ml);
- Basic pepper black (7 g);
- Apple sour-sweet (two pieces);
- smoked paprika crushed (8 g);
- carrot (130 g);
- Fresh lime juice (35 ml);
- discerned flour wheat (30 g);
- Olive oil (15 ml).
Cooking process:
From crust and films to clear the washed tangerines, it is large to chop them and temporarily shift into a free bowl, then prepare fresh liver and process it, rinse thoroughly with cool water and dry on a cutting board.
Now the liver must be cut into small slices, then rinse apples and clean them, remove the cores, then chopping the fruit with thick bars and send it into a small container, pour lipped juice and mix, cover with a lid.
To pour olive oil into a thick-walled pan, a few minutes warm it up on a moderate fire, add slices of liver, slightly fry them from all sides, to assure to taste and sprinkle with wheat flour, continue the frying process for five minutes.
Rinse and chop rosemary, send to a saucepan, add soy sauce, then reduce the fire and extinguish the liver under the lid about eight minutes, clean the washed carrots and cut off semicircles.
Add pieces of fruits and carrots, then grind garlic, peeled from husks, move into a saucepan, mix and cook liver with the other components on weak fire for another ten minutes.
Pour the spices and pour steep boiling water, mix the liver with fruit, prepare the components under the lid for another half an hour, then serve this dish hot with boiled rice.
Hosteles note:
For those who do not like citrus, can prepare with some other fruits, for example, with quince, plums or persimmon. Best Eastern European dating websites on to find wife!