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Roger Overall


Roger Overall

Roger’s Story

In a nutshell…

I’m happiest turning complex information into appealing and understandable messages.

My life in business…

My career to date is best described as ‘creative’.

I was a maritime journalist and media consultant early in my career, when I lived in London. I remember climbing up the side of an Ultra Large Crude Carrier in a force 8 once. That was a highlight of that particular spell in my life. That and working with two outstanding bosses who encouraged me to seek out a life that matched my talents. They had a big impact on me.

I also had a brief spell as a cartoonist in London. And I wrote many, many sitcom scripts, none of which got beyond a meeting or two with with television execs. Then there was a film script that was going to be produced. It was a live project for about a week and then died. It was about how a cow fell out of the sky and sank a fishing trawler. An urban legend.

From journalism and writing, I moved into photography (an interest I share with Clive, our chairman) and relocated to Ireland with my wife. I also started making short films and began podcasting.

And when the internet opened up, I suddenly had channels to put all this content. Soon, I was helping clients produce content and implement content marketing strategies, including YFSOL.

My best experience in life…

Staring into my daughter’s eyes as I cradled her in my arms just after she was born. They were pure silver. That’s how it seemed to me anyway. The sense of awe that swept over me. A mix of sheer terror and pure delight.

Outside of work…

In many respects, my work is what I do outside of work. I create. Sometimes, I get paid to. Sometimes, I do it for the simple joy of doing it.

My ambition is to run an ultra-marathon. 50 km to begin with.

My advice…

Go after your own dreams. Go after them hard and never, ever let go of them. This isn’t your practice life. Don’t waste it.

I can’t stand…

Inequality. It upsets me that we still live in a world in which in many countries the talents of half the population are wasted and neglected because of gender. The planet is running on half its potential brain power. That’s insane.

If money were no object…

I’d go after a place in the field of one of the prestige ultra-marathons. And spend my time creating animations, cartoons, audio… pretty much what I do now.