100% Protected-capital
Opportunity with TWO Payouts

Sometimes all you want is a financial opportunity that is wrapped in cotton wool. Something nicely protected.

That’s what our Quadrant opportunities are all about. Low risk, but still with potential for a good return.

For Quadrant 4, we’ve found something that protects your money 100%—and gives you two payout dates.

One of these payouts guarantees you a return. The other will at the very least give you your deposit back. We think it will give you better than that, though. It has some other attractive features too. 

Recap: your money is highly protected and you make a guaranteed return. It’s like having your cake and eating it. Potentially twice.

If you’ve been waiting for a financial opportunity with solid risk management built in, Quadrant 4 is worth a look.

Read on for more details.

Who Is Quadrant 4 For?

Quadrant 4 suits people who:

  • are risk-averse, but who would like their money to be doing something other than just sitting in a bank account.
  • have over 100k in their SBI seafarer’s account and are paying interest to keep it there (they are losing money).
  • don’t want to tie up all of their money for several years.
  • are looking for a safe investment.
  • are looking for a safe payout in Sterling, Australian Dollars or US Dollars.
  • want their investment to be 100% protected.

Quadrant 4 Explained

Quadrant 4 is available in GBP (£), AUS (Australian $) or USD (US $).

The minimum deposit is GBP10,000, AUS15,000 or USD15,000. There is no upper limit.

It has two components. And two payouts.

Your original deposit is 100% protected.

Quadrant 4 closes on Monday 6th January, 2020.

Component 1—Fixed one-year return

40% of your deposit is held for one year. You are guaranteed a return on this share of your deposit.

  • If you deposit GBP, you get a return of 1.25%.
  • If you deposit AUD, you get a return of 1.75%
  • If you deposit USD, you get a return of 2.5%.

So if you put a total of GBP50,000 into Quadrant 4, GBP20,000 would go into the first component. After one year, you would get back your GBP20,000 plus 1.25% = GBP20,250. If you deposited in AUD or USD, you would receive AUD20,350 and USD20,500 respectively.

This is guaranteed.

Component 2—Stock-market-linked return

60% of your deposit is held for five and a half years and the return on it is linked to the performance of:

  • the S&P United Kingdom Index (for GBP deposits)
  • the S&P/ASX 200 Index (for AUD deposits)
  • the S&P 500 Low Volatility Index (for USD deposits)

After five and a half years, you’ll receive this share of your deposit back, along with 50% of the market performance if you deposit in GBP, or 60% if you deposit in AUD or USD.

The final value of the fund after five and a half years is calculated by taking the average closing level for the final 19 months of the deposit period. This is how protection is built in. Any dip in the value of the index during the last year-and-a-half of your deposit term is averaged out, which gives it increased protection. It means you don’t lose out if the markets drop during the final months.

So if your original deposit was GBP/AUD/USD50,000, GBP/AUD/USD30,000 would be placed in this component of Quadrant 4. You get that back after five and a half years—plus an interest payment if the relevant market index has gone up in that time.

Here’s how the returns for Component 2 would work out in various scenarios, and you’ll see how your money is protected too.

If you deposit GBP:

If you deposit AUD or USD:

Quadrant 4 closes on Monday 6th January, 2020.

Quadrant 4 in a Nutshell
(Example GBP/AUD/USD 50k Investment)

The minimum investment is GBP10,000, AUD15,000 or USD15,000.

There is no maximum.

Quadrant 4 Is Being Run by
Standard Bank International

This deposit scheme is being run by Standard Bank International (SBI) under its Quantum PLUS brand. Many superyacht crew already trust Standard Bank International with their day-to-day banking. It’s a recognised name in the business.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that if SBI defaults, your capital is at risk, regardless of the 100% capital protection. When a bank fails, the whole kit and caboodle goes down with it. We don’t think this is very likely, but it’s important you know that under this extreme circumstance your deposit would be at risk.

Watch this Video to Find Out More

How Quadrant Investments Work

Quadrant offers you fixed-term investment opportunities.

Each opportunity is designed to give you a good chance of solid returns on your money, while at the same time giving you risk protection where possible.

The investment window only stays open for a short while. For instance, this third Quadrant opportunity closes on 6th January, 2020. (So get in quick.)

Your money is invested for a specific period (usually several years), after which the investment matures and you draw down your money. During the life of the investment, your money is locked in. Just like when you’re at sea. You have to stay onboard during the voyage. You can only get off once you’ve reached your destination.


To participate in Quadrant 4, simply get in touch and we’ll talk you through it in more detail. We want to make sure this the right kind of investment for you.

Your Next Step

This is an opportunity to sidestep a lot of the uncertainty in the world today and put money into an investment that protects your initial capital outlay 100%. And you stand the chance of making a reasonable return into the bargain. For the cautious investor, we think this is another no-brainer. Especially if you have money sitting in an SBI account that is (at best) doing nothing for you or (at worst) costing you.