Polaris: the new generation of investment strategies, built especially for yacht crew

We created Polaris after it became apparent that many investment providers we were using were making it increasingly difficult (in some cases impossible) for yacht crew to use their products. Because we know yachting inside out, we created something that does meet the demands of a yachting life.

Polaris is designed to operate over the medium to long term (5 to 10 years), and is extremely flexible.

Polaris Key Features Brochure

Polaris Full Overview Brochure

Polaris strategies

Polaris consists of six risk-graded strategies. They are available exclusively to clients of Yachting Financial Solutions. You can’t get them anywhere else.

You can choose between funds with little or no correlation to world stock markets (which allows for future growth while avoiding the short term volatility that stock market funds may have) or opt for the funds with a stock market component.

Polaris is a living, breathing thing. We are always making sure each strategy is performing as it should. And we are constantly working on new strategies to complement the ones we already have.

The current strategies are:


YFSOL H (Harmony) is a ‘best-in-breed strategy’. We work with Momentum Asset Management, who identify the best managers in each investment sector worldwide and invest in those funds.


A high-growth stock market/hedge fund strategy that gets six rockstar investors from both sides of the Atlantic working for you.


YFSOL V is a value investing strategy. Value investors believe that a stock’s price is not necessarily the same as the company’s value, and that money can be made by buying such businesses for less than their true worth. We’ve identified some of the best value-style investment managers in the world and combined their expertise in one simple strategy.

YFSOL SRE (Strategic Real Estate)

A non-stockmarket, niche property investment fund, focusing on alternative areas of real estate such as care homes, student accommodation and holiday parks.


A low-volatility, corporate bond strategy with high liquidity and the potential for higher growth above a 6% target baseline.


An income-producing strategy geared to producing around 8% per annum return, with low volatility and the ability to draw income on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Polaris time-limited, one-off investments

In addition to our regular investment strategies, we have also created a two special classes of Polaris investments based on the feedback from a survey we did among yacht crew. These one-off, special investment opportunities mean you can invest in what you find exciting.

YFSOL Classic Opportunities (YCOs) allow you to invest in luxury goods that have a long history of increasing in value: wine, art, classic cars, coins, stamps, etc. These are opportunities of distinction.

YFSOL Special Opportunities (YSOs) allow you to invest in cutting-edge projects: crypto-currencies, high-tech solutions, legal marijuana, etc. These are opportunities of our time. The kind of investments your average financial planner wouldn’t think of.

Polaris is supported by Custodian Life

Custodian Life is the life assurance company that provides the administrative and custodial framework that powers Polaris.


  • Class C Insurer—Custodian Life is registered under the Bermuda Insurance Act 1978 and is under supervision of the Insurance Department within the Bermuda Monetary Authority (www.bma.bm).
  • Policyholder protection—Registered under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000.
  • The policies benefit from the tax-efficient treatment enjoyed by offshore bonds issued in Bermuda.
  • Bermuda—One of the world’s leading offshore financial jurisdictions, with 75% of the world’s Fortune 100 companies operating within the country.
  • Compared to Bermuda, no other county in the world has a higher percentage of actuaries, accountant or underwriters among its population.
  • Uncluttered and clear. Custodian Life specialises in 1 product, with 100% flexibility.

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Polaris is a suite of powerful investment strategies that can take you to where you want to go. Get in touch today.