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Launching our new property investment strategy!

6th June 2014

YFSOL’s new property Investment strategy – between 10% and 12% return over last 12 months

Our YFSOL Polaris range was launched a few years ago with an initial focus on non stock market (alternative) investment funds. This gave our YFSOL clients the ability to invest for the medium/longer term without the volatility associated with stock markets.

Polaris has had considerable success, with now well over EUR 10m invested via the “21st century Investment Paradigm”.

Our 5 years of experience with “alternative” funds inevitably led us to a number of specialist property funds which we have used with success in our popular YFSOL1 conservative strategy. We are now ready to use this logic in a more focused way to launch our latest YFSOL non stock-market strategy, YFSOL Strategic Real Estate.

YFSOL SRE (Strategic Real Estate)

Property/Real Estate can provide excellent returns, not necessarily correlated to the volatility of the stock market and is a core part of our “21st century investment Paradigm“.

Direct investment , however, can be fraught with liquidity issues and those of scale – simply, not being able to sell at the correct time, not having enough capital to invest and having ‘all your bricks in one building’!

However, investing via a property fund can avoid these issues.

Rather than focus on ‘pure property’, we have sourced fund managers for the strategy that provide exposure not just to property, but in particular create an ‘added value’ effect to the investment by exploiting a particular business niche or sector of the overall market place.

Care homes, although not ‘exciting’ are a proven ‘added value’ investment (this sector has worked well in YFSOL 1), giving much more interesting returns than just ‘base property’.

Investment in care homes

YFSOL SRE combines all these niches and sectors into one single strategy- giving you complete exposure to the whole strategic property arena.

The UK in particular has shown excellent growth in these particular sectors over recent years- in addition to the well documented continual surge in value of the London/SE England property market. Given this, the strategy is predominantly (but not exclusively) UK aligned to use the clear local expertise we already have available.

The initial strategy has nine underlying funds (all with an existing track record).

Backtesting of the overall strategy for the last year- (not all nine funds have been operating over the whole 12 months) shows a lowest return of 10% and a highest return of 12.5 % since February 2013.

We‘ve set our target return on the strategy at 10% per annum, making this a perfect addition to our non-stockmarket strategy range.
As with all YFSOL strategies these funds will be dealt on an institutional basis, with initial commissions etc. going back into the strategy, and avoiding any individual “minimum investment” criteria for investors.

Existing Polaris clients: you can add this strategy to your existing portfolio simply (minimal paperwork) with an additional investment of EUR 10,000 or more.

New Polaris clients: minimum investment EUR 25,000 – which can be invested just in YFSOL SRE or across a mixture of YFSOL strategies.