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JustOne Offers Big Potential

JustOne, backed by Jerry Yang (founder of Yahoo) and Scott McNealy (founder of Sun Microsystems), and led by a team with industry experience at IBM and Oracle, has developed the only next-generation database solution for the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next technology frontier. It consists of devices like your household appliances and your car being connected and actively communicating over the internet.

At the moment, the IoT comprises 500 million devices. In less than 5 years, the number will have grown to 50 billion devices around the world. That’s a 100-fold increase! Databases run the world and are already at the heart of every commercial and government system on the planet.  However, existing databases have struggled to cope with the growth in data to date, sacrificing functionality whilst massively increasing hardware deployment.

The patented software comprises revolutionary methods of storing and accessing data that solves the problem at its core. This is a truly disruptive product for a market currently worth US$20 billion. This market is expected to grow to over US$100 billion within 5 years.

Investing in JustOne

Through YFSOL, you have a unique opportunity to invest in a JustOne opportunity being offered by Harwell Capital, YFSOL’s venture capital partner.

Keep in mind that the potential high returns come with a corresponding level of risk. You could lose some or all of your investment. That’s why we recommend building an investment portfolio that spreads your risk.

We’ve been allocated 10 investment parcels of £10,000 at YFSOL. That means only 10 YFSOL clients can invest in this JustOne opportunity. So, you’ll need to act quickly. Once the 10 slots have been filled, this investment window will close.

Interested? Drop us a line and we’ll walk you through this investment.

For information on JustOne and the solutions it provides you can visit their website here.