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Harwell Capital News

In addition to helping you invest in regular funds, we also give you the opportunity to invest directly into exciting tech startups. We do this as part of our venture capital programme with Harwell Capital.

Here’s a round-up of very encouraging news about previous investment opportunities that will be maturing in the future.


Speak has announced the appointment of Yusuf Chambers as brand ambassador for go-to-market strategy for Ummah Mobile, the new Sharia-compliant converged communications, money remittance and lifestyle app built for the global Muslim population.

Yusuf is world renowned within the Muslim community for his educational broadcasting, support to the charity sector and live debates on international TV. The appointment gives Ummah Mobile global traction with his extensive network of followers and supporters.


Following its acquisition of its long-time financial data partner, Scredible has announced it will expand its product offering in the financial services sector.

Several things to note on this one.
First, the acquisition allows Scredible to consolidate its leadership position in the AI-driven corporate learning sector.
Second, it expands its market from the education tech sector into the financial sector.
Third, Scredible predicts the move will increase revenues by 45% and profits by 15% this year alone. In 2018, revenues are predicted to rise 70% due to the move.
Fourth, all of this means an added £11 million to the exit bottom line in the 2018 financial year.


The leading carriers in the US (AT&T) and the UK (BT) have both requested trials to explore deploying Genesis’ DSL Rings technology in their respective networks.

AT&T has requested the field trial to test the technology on its network in Q1 2018.  AT&T sees DSL Rings as an excellent fit for them and has now signed a Framework Agreement with Genesis.

By then, Genesis plans to have started commercial roll-out with carriers Century Link, Cincinnati Bell and Windstream following their imminent field trials in Q2 2017.

Meanwhile, in the UK, BT has invited Genesis to perform a lab trial in Q2-Q3 2017, with a field trial likely to follow in Q1 2018.