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Financial Strategies for Yacht Crew

“Money is boring. It’s what you do with it that counts. Your financial plan is in service of your life goal.”

Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC is an independent financial services company based in Ireland that is dedicated to people working full time in the yachting industry.

We only deal with senior superyacht crew and offer a full suite of services and products designed especially to suit your needs, so you can live your dream life after yachting.

The best way to get the most out of the services we offer is through the YFSOL Partnership. We strongly believe that investing without a purpose is a wasted opportunity. Investing based on a plan with a clear goal and timeline is far better. So while you can get individual investments from us, we encourage everyone to take a Big Picture approach to both their life and their money. Make a plan that will get you to your ideal, independent life. Then invest your money for the long-term (10-20 years) to achieve your goals.

Strategies & platforms for
captains and senior yacht crew

You can invest your money through a number of financial platforms into a range of investment strategies and funds. All of which meet the requirements of the offshore lifestyle of superyacht crew. And you can make small regular contributions or one-off larger investments.

Let’s bust some jargon.

Investment platforms provide the regulatory infrastructure needed for you to invest. They are maintained by independent third party institutions. These are internationally recognised custodial companies with solid reputations. You already use a financial structure in your everyday life: your bank account. It is a structure your bank provides so you can receive, send and spend money. An investment platform allows you to channel money into investments.

Investment strategies put your money to work. There are as many strategies as there are stars in the sky. They come in a whole range of risk profiles (low to high), and you can invest in anything. We work with you to match the right investment strategies to your financial plan.

Our role
We work with you to create a life & financial plan. We help you identify the best medium- to long-term investment strategies to make your plan a reality. And we also liaise with the investment platforms and tell them what to do on your behalf. Then we monitor both the health of your investments and the success of your plan, providing you with a constant feedback loop. That allows us to consult together and make any adjustments required. Finally, we mentor and motivate you so that you can see your plan through to the end. Investing is a long-term commitment, not a short-term fix, but you won’t have to travel the road alone. We’ll actively support you along the way.

Here are some sample strategies we’ve helped clients with. (Yes, you can invest in anything.)

Investor Like a Star

Copy the world’s greatest investors

Fine Wine

Vintage wines only get rarer

Best in Class

A fund of the best funds

Music Copyright

Make money the pop star way

Diversified Blockchain

A sensible approach to crypto and blockchain

Value Investing

Invest in under-valued companies

Legal Cannabis

Invest in a growing global trend

Stategic Real Estate

Invest in niche property

Corporate Bonds

Low volatility safeguard

“Whatever your life goal, there is an investment strategy (or better yet, combination of strategies) that will get you there.”

Financial planning for superyacht captains and senior crew

Don’t Waste Your Million

Working on a yacht gives you a remarkable opportunity to make yourself financially independent—if you do some sensible financial planning.

You’re between 25 and 45 yeas old, and earning around $50,000-100,000 per year, depending on your position. (Maybe even $250,000.) Your daily living expenses are zero. And your accommodation, work clothes and food are all taken care of. You don’t have a daily commute to work. And even better, you probably don’t have to pay income tax.

So after 10-15 years in the superyacht industry, you’ll have earned anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 during your yachting career, taking pay rises into account. (Maybe even more!) And you won’t really have had to spend a penny.

BUT the majority of yacht crew leave yachting with nothing. They manage to spend their entire million.

So their golden opportunity to build a financial foundation for their ideal, independent life is GONE.

We’ve made it our life’s work to help you keep your million. In fact, forget the million. We want you to leave yachting on your terms and step into your dream life. So you can live the rest of your life doing what you love.

Money is boring. It’s what you do with it that is exciting. And what is more exciting than the freedom to pursue your dreams?

If that sounds good, download or financial planning guide for superyacht crew or 6 1/2 Jedi Codes, or both.

Once you’ve read (one of) them, your next step is to find out whether you’re ready to live your ideal independent life by booking a free one-to-one call with us to talk about your dreams.

Your personal financial trainer

Let’s be honest. Achieving your ideal, independent life and financial freedom will require some hard work and discipline over an extended period of time. But, isn’t that worth it if you live your dream life?

Our life goal is to help you achieve your life goal. That means we’re more than just financial planners. We’re also life and financial personal trainers. You set the goal. Our job is to help you make a plan AND stick to your plan, all the way to success. Part consultant, part drill sergeant. 100% focused on your goals.

Let’s talk about YOU

Because you’re who you are, your dreams are probably different from everyone else’s. You want what you want. You want to go where you want to go. And you’ll have your own preferences when it comes to how to achieve your goals.


YOUR goal

So we’ll help you design a tailor-made plan and route based on your choices.

So what goes into a proper plan?

Watch this video to find out:

The Journey Plan

Book a free one-to-one assessment to find out if you’re ready to live your ideal independent life…

Our decades of experience is at your disposal—no cost, no obligation

Book a free 30-minute slot with one of us to talk about:


  • X = Where you want to go in life (X marks the spot)
  • Y = Why you want to go there
  • Z = Zest (How committed you are to getting there)
  • Whether we're the right people to help you

We can give you valuable guidance about getting your life and financial plan up and running, and then through regular review ensure that you stay committed to it. Your Financial Plan will include individual long-term savings plans and investments.

Remember: Our life goal is to help you achieve your life and financial goals.

Are you ready for your ideal, independent life? Let's find out together:

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