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Superyacht captain's salaries

Fast Track Your Yachting Career Podcast

Looking to either get into yachting or make the absolute most of your time on board superyachts? This podcast series answers common questions and provides practical and actionable advice to help you fulfil your potential on board and in life. Powerful advice aimed at your success.

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How to get a job on a superyacht

How to Find a Job in Yachting

New to yachting? Struggling to find that first position? Here are seven steps that will help you find a job on board a superyacht.

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Unique financial opportunity for yacht crew

The Unique Financial Opportunity for Superyacht Crew

We talk a lot about your unique financial opportunity as yacht crew. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to save sufficient money to completely change your future life. You mustn’t let it slip away.

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Superyacht captain's salaries

What Determines a Superyacht Captain's Salary?

It’s common knowledge that yacht crew are paid well, especially at senior officer and captain level. But how much is a superyacht captain’s salary? A study of yacht captain’s salaries reflected that this is a bit like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” And the answer depends on both tangible and intangible issues.

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Unique financial opportunity for yacht crew

Real Financial Independence for Superyacht Crew

What does real financial independence look like? Many yacht crew think they’re financially independent already. They work full time and make a good (sometimes very good) income that pays for an exceptionally high standard of living. They’re able to afford more in life than many of their contemporaries. But that’s not real financial independence.

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Escape yachting's golden handcuffs

How to Break Free of the Golden Handcuffs of Yachting

There is no denying that the perks of working in the superyacht industry are enormously attractive. But we all know working in yachting isn’t all kittens and rainbows. It’s a tough business—physically and, especially, mentally. Yet leaving is hard. The money is so damn good. Here’s how to transition out of yachting elegantly (and with money)…

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9 Powerful Passive Income Ideas for Superyacht Crew

What could be better than earning money when you aren’t actually working? Who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash flow into their bank account? You can do so by establishing passive income streams.

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Superyacht crew salary guide

An Insider's Guide to Yacht Crew Salaries

There are lots of advantages to working on board a superyacht. You live on board, so you don’t need to travel to work. All your living expenses are paid for by the boat. Your meals are prepared for you. You also get to travel the world, seeing the world’s most gorgeous locations and meeting people from different cultures. Best of all, you get paid for doing so—and in many cases your salary is tax-free.

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Bank accounts for yachties

What to Look for in a Seafarer's Bank Account

Seafarers, like most people, have a wide range of online banking and app-based banking opportunities, both with traditional banks and the challenger fintechs. In fact, some superyacht crew have given up traditional banks altogether in favour of the new fintechs like Wise and Revolut, who even offer debit cards. So what should you look for in a seafarer bank account?

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Pensions and retirement schemes for yacht captains

Pensions and Retirement Plans for Superyacht Captains

Do superyacht captains need a pension plan or a retirement scheme? Perhaps. But what is it that we’re really talking about here? Something else entirely.

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Life after yachting

How to Build Another Life after Yachting in 10 steps

How do you build another life on land after leaving life at sea? In particular, how do you create one that fulfils you? 

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