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The Results of Our 2019 Elite Crew Survey

Do Your Ambitions Match Your Crew Mates’?

Do you know what you want from your career on board a superyacht?

54.3% of the crew who responded to our survey say they want nothing less than financial freedom. It’s by far the biggest ambition among yachties. (And it can be done with planning and dedication—it’s not a pipedream.)

At the other end of the scale, less than 1% of crew are planning to end up with nothing.

Where are you on that scale? (Check out the popular choices below.)

You’ll also find out what the biggest financial worry is among superyacht crew. And what investment opportunities appeal most to your colleagues. Do you share their choices?

2019 YFSOL Elite Superyacht Crew Survey Results

Here are graphs based on the answers we received. Because the questions allowed respondents to give multiple answers, the percentages don’t add up to 100.

Q1: What would you like to have at the end of your career in yachting?

Yacht crew have a superb and almost unique opportunity to build financial freedom during a 10- to 15-year career in yachting. Even better if they can build over 20 years. You’ll need:

  1. A clear goal
  2. A solid and effective plan
  3. The discipline to stick to your plan

(We’ve dedicated our lives to helping superyacht crew do this.)

Q2: What will stop you from achieving your financial goals from yachting?

The two biggest blockers to financial success are:

  • Making the wrong financial decisions
  • Not having a financial plan

Both are solved by the same action: make an effective financial plan.

(We help superyacht crew do that.)

The third biggest worry is:

  • Becoming ill or unable to work

We’re working on a solution for that. The respondents to our survey already know what it is. We’ll let you in on it too as soon as we can.

Q3: What investments appeal to you?

Wow! No doubting what many of you share in common:

  • A desire to own property

But there is also a desire to invest in:

  • Green technology
  • Outside-of-the box investments, like legal marijuana

Both more popular than the stock market.

We can help you with all of those—in fact, we’re the only financial planners dedicated to yacht crew who do. Check out our YFSOL Classic and Special Opportunities.

Q4: Do you have a dedicated seafarer’s bank account?

Almost 35% of superyacht crew don’t have a bank account that suits the needs of their global working life. They are best served by a specialist bank account. We recommend SBI international multi-currency account: Banking for Superyacht Crew