Group Health Insurance for Superyacht Crew

Yachting Financial Solutions takes the pain out of running your crew medical scheme.

We have a dedicated member of our team, Guy Evans, who will set up your scheme, add and subtract crew on request, help with claims and the general administration, and liaise with BUPA when required.

All of this saves you time at no cost to you.

Group Health Insurance for Superyacht Crew

As captain of a charter or private yacht, the responsibility of looking after your crew falls to you. Often, that includes arranging health insurance for everyone onboard.

We know that your time is best spent running the boat or looking after guests, not sorting out crew healthcare arrangements, especially in remote or very expensive parts of the world.

This is why we have teamed up with BUPA Global, the worldwide leader in health insurance, to bring yacht crew BUPA Maritime Medical Insurance, a Maritime Labour Convention compliant group health insurance policy to cover everybody onboard the boat.

The advantage of this policy for yacht crew is that no time-consuming underwriting procedures are required because the insurance costs a flat rate for everybody under the age of 65.

Yacht crew will be covered anywhere in the world (although US cover must be requested as an add-on), and can be treated at any hospital or clinic of their choice.

The cover is not just limited to when the crew are on the boat. They are covered at all times, even when they are on holiday. To top it all off, sports cover, including extreme sports is included at no extra cost.

BUPA Maritime Yachting Key points

  • Group scheme covering anyone on the crew list
  • Covers crew on or off the boat, including holidays
  • Covers all sports, including extreme sports
  • The only medical insurance to be created specifically for yacht crew
  • Simple to manage with no need for underwriting. You Choose from one of only two subscription rates for anybody up to age 65:
    • Worldwide excluding the US
    • Worldwide including the US
  • Crew can easily be added to or taken off the policy at any time, without lengthy paperwork
  • Crew can be treated at a hospital or clinic of their choice anywhere in the world
  • The crew will have access to over 5,500 participating hospitals and clinics worldwide
  • BUPA pay the hospital or clinic directly. There is no need for crew to pay themselves and then claim money back
  • Very reasonable subscription rates
  • BUPA Global’s multilingual, efficient claims team is available 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Speak to a dedicated team of professionals with up-to-date medical advice
  • Yachting Financial Solutions provides an additional claim support service

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