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Beware of YFSOL Imitators

Others are trying to cash in on YFSOL’s trusted reputation.

As a result, there are two things you should know:

1: Fake Email

An email with a PDF attachment is circulating in the yachting industry from a generic email address with the subject line ‘Financial Freedom’.

You might think it is from our own wonderful Helen Bilton. It isn’t.

The giveaway is the email address: “”. That’s a fake.

We only send emails from genuine accounts.

We don’t send from generic email accounts like or

So: = FAKE.

Our IT specialist has identified the origin of the false emails and we are dealing with the situation accordingly.

Meanwhile, it’s maybe worth reminding you to always check the source of emails with attachments before opening them. And remember: we will never ask you for user IDs, passwords or other login details.

2: Fake Yachting Financial Solutions

One of our competitors has started using our name to market its generic, off-the-peg products.

Don’t be fooled. We are the only genuine Yachting Financial Solutions.

We’re the only company that creates financial products exclusively for yacht crew that are purpose-built to meet the unique needs of yacht crew.

While its flattering that others are trying to piggyback off our good name, we wanted to make sure you weren’t duped by them.

Here too, we’re taking robust action to deal with the situation.

Yachting Financial Solutions always has been and always will be the GENUINE financial planners for yacht crew.