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Welcome to Yachting Financial Solutions. We provide tailor-made financial advice and services for superyacht crew. We have also created Waves, an online financial toolkit for superyacht crew. Choose one of the following:

Looking to put a guided plan in place to achieve financial freedom? Then get in touch and we’ll be your financial personal trainer. We provide financial advice and planning aimed at your success.

You set the goal. We help you make a plan. We help you stick to your plan, all the way to success. So we’re part consultant, part drill sergeant. But always 100% focused on your goals.

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Waves Financial by Yachting Financial Solutions is an online service that gives you everything you need to sort your financial life out during your career in yachting.

It gives you investing, income protection, life insurance, health insurance and travel insurance.

All at the tip of your finger. Simple and easy. So click below to get started with your online financial toolkit today.

What people say about us

“Dear Clive, Teresa and the rest of the YFSOL team,

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big thank you!

“It really is nice to work with a company that truly do understand the needs of us ‘Yachties’

“Over the period of setting up my YFSOL relationship I had lots of things going on. A family holiday, training and a major change in job that lead to me having very little time for personal things. Through all of this, you managed to meet my needs and move calls to times that suited both parties. You were patient and understanding. For this I thank you.

“I get such a rush logging into my account through the website to see how my investment is doing. The currency converter is a very handy tool as it allows me to convert back to my home currency.

“Throughout the whole process, from start to now, I have been extremely satisfied with the service I have received. The professionalism that all your staff have towards your clients and availability of information available at just a click of a mouse. I have and do not hesitate to recommend YFSOL to anyone that will listen!

“Keep up the great work guys and a huge thank you!

“Hopefully one day soon I will be able to buy you a drink!”


First Mate

“Once you start saving, it is amazing how quickly it accumulates. Before talking with Yachting Financial Solutions, I would have just left my earnings in the bank doing nothing. But now I know that my money is actually making more money, and I feel more secure about my future when I retire from yachting.”


Purser, 72m MY

It was great fun chatting to you today. I really do appreciate you taking the time to get to know me better and find out what my hopes are for my future.

After attempts over the past few years, with other financial advisors and institutions, I now feel so much more confident and optimistic about my financial future and look forward to working with you further and hearing your ideas and prospective plans on how I may be able to achieve my goals.


Chef/Mate, 60ft Catamaran

“It is crazy but suddenly I feel more motivated at work. It makes me feel like I could actually be working for something.

“I guess I have no real sense of purpose since I don’t have a home or anything to spend my hard earned money on (apart from holidays). It is good to have a sense of purpose. In fact, I now recognise that this is what has been missing from my life for a while now.

“I think I have to give it a go. Especially now since I am financially secure enough to do so.”


Chief stewardess, 60m MY

Putting away regularly a seemingly small amount of money with the help of Yachting Financial Solutions, provided me with an income to support the lifestyle I needed when I retired. What could be better than that?


Captain (Retired), 87m MY

“I’m so glad I meet you on the dock in St Maarten. You really understand the ups and downs of yachting, have a clear vision on helping your clients achieve financial freedom. I am always impressed that each year YFSOL keeps adapting and improving.”