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Yachting Financial Solutions

Financial Services for Senior Superyacht Crew since 1992

Our life goal is to help you
achieve your life and financial goals

Find out if you’re ready to live your ideal, independent life:

We help captains and senior superyacht crew achieve their full potential in life and money

“Putting away regularly a seemingly small amount of money with the help of Yachting Financial Solutions, provided me with an income to support the lifestyle I needed when I retired. What could be better than that?”

Joe, Captain (retired), 87m MY

“Teresa, we would like to thank you and Clive for your friendly yet very professional help over the years.”

Stephan, Captain, 87m MY

“Once you start saving, it is amazing how quickly it accumulates. Before talking with Yachting Financial Solutions, I would have just left my earnings in the bank doing nothing. But now I know that my money is actually making more money, and I feel more secure about my future when I retire from yachting.” An excerpt from an online review from The Aft Deck

Clara, Purser, 72m MY

“It is crazy but suddenly I feel more motivated at work. It makes me feel like I could actually be working for something. I guess I have no real sense of purpose since I don’t have a home or anything to spend my hard earned money on (apart from holidays). It is good to have a sense of purpose. In fact I now recognise that this is what has been missing from my life for a while now. I think I have to give it a go. Especially now since I am financially secure enough to do so.”

Laura, Chief stewardess, 60m MY

“I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting—Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I have just read the booklet back to front, good stuff, logical and uniquely tailored to a yachties’ financial situation. I will spread the word with my friends in the industry. I’m sure many of them would have contacted you a long time ago if they had known about your company.”

Sam, 2nd Officer, 87m MY

“I have massive faith in you and your team and the fact that you have dealt with many people in the same and incredibly fortunate situation as me.”

Becky, Chief stewardess, 60m MY

“It was great fun chatting to you today. I really do appreciate you taking the time to get to know me better and find out what my hopes are for my future.

“After attempts over the past few years, with other financial advisors and institutions, I now feel so much more confident and optimistic about my financial future and look forward to working with you further and hearing your ideas and prospective plans on how I may be able to achieve my goals.”

Kerry, Chef/Mate, 60ft Catamaran

“I’m so glad I meet you on the dock in St Maarten. You really understand the ups and downs of yachting, have a clear vision on helping your clients achieve financial freedom. I am always impressed that each year YFSOL keeps adapting and improving.”

Andrea, Stewardess

Thank you very much for your guidance. I appreciate your honesty, as well as setting me up for success.”

Sarah, Stewardess

“It was great to meet with you yesterday!

“After the meeting, I felt I had more of a direction and a goal to work towards. That is thanks to your direct and insightful questions about what I want for my future. Your focus was on the client and not the money—which was refreshing, knowing you have my interests at heart.

“I only wish I was faced with these questions when I first joined yachting four years ago!”


What could you do if you were able to live life on your terms?

What would you do with your life if you were able to do exactly what you wanted? No boss, no superyacht owner—just your own goals and passions to pursue? You can achieve that. Ask yourself: When you leave yachting, do you want your time to belong to you or to someone else?

Make the most of your career in yachting.

Yachting gives you a unique opportunity to build the financial platform you need to live your ideal independent life. You can turn 10-15 years in yachting into the freedom to do whatever you want for the rest of your life. But you’ll need some help. That’s where we fit in. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping senior superyacht crew succeed in building their ideal lives.

Find out if you’re ready for financial freedom and to live your ideal, independent life:

“Your life goals will determine your financial plan. Most people get it wrong and do it the other way round.”

Hello! We’re Clive & Teresa Evans

We’ve made it our life goal to help you achieve your life goal

We’ve been serving yacht crew successfully for decades.

We started off as a financial services company dedicated to superyacht crew, but have grown into something much more important. We always looked at the Big Picture and encouraged our clients to make a financial plan to fund their future dream life. In early 2020, we took that a step further. We now offer the only integrated life and financial mentoring programme dedicated to senior superyacht crew.

It’s called The YFSOL Partnership and it gives you everything you need to succeed in life.

“Investment without purpose is meaningless.

“Investment without commitment is fruitless.”

We offer a bespoke boutique service that puts you and your dreams at the heart of everything. Together, we’ll create a life plan that will allow you to live your ideal independent life. The life plan is the anchor for everything we do together.

You’ll need financial vehicles to drive the plan. We’ll make recommendations about the vehicles you’ll need. We even have products tailored to the needs of superyacht crew—but you don’t need to use those.

And because investing is a long-term commitment, we will work in long-term partnership with you to motivate and mentor you all the way to your goal. Personal meetings, life coaching, access to fund managers, video updates, quarterly briefings, webinars, e-books… We will be there, every step of the way. That’s our unique commitment to you.


Find out if you’re ready to live your ideal, independent life:

“If you want to be financially independent today, start investing 15 years ago. If you want to be financially independent in 15 years’ time, start investing today.”

— Clive & Teresa Evans

Financial Services

Financial services for senior superyacht crew

Working with you:

Step 1: Plan

Join our Partnership Programme. We’ll guide you personally through a proven process to establish your life goals and a plan to achieve them.

Step 2: Vehicles

YFSOL makes recommendations for financial vehicles to support your plan (but you can find your own too, if you prefer).

Step 3: Commitment

The Partnership Programme actively works with you to keep you on course—all the way to your goal. Personal mentoring, motivation and much, much more.

The Partnership Programme

Mentoring for senior superyacht crew

Find out if you’re ready to live
your ideal, independent life

Our decades of experience is at your disposal—no cost, no obligation

Book a free 30-minute slot with one of us to talk about:


  • X = Where you want to go in life (X marks the spot)
  • Y = Why you want to go there
  • Z = Zest (How committed you are to getting there)
  • Whether we're the right people to help you

We can give you valuable guidance about getting your life and financial plan up and running, and then through regular review ensure that you stay committed to it. Your Financial Plan will include individual long-term savings plans and investments.

Remember: Our life goal is to help you achieve your life and financial goals.

Are you ready for your ideal, independent life? Let's find out together:

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