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Financial Planning for yacht crew. From people who know where you're coming from...

Whether you’re a yacht captain, an engineer or just starting out in the yachting industry, as yacht crew, planning your financial future must be of vital importance to you.

Yachting Financial Solutions are the only financial planner to deal exclusively with professional yacht crew. Unlike other financial advisors who sell ‘off the peg’ financial products to yacht crew, we know and understand your needs, and appreciate that your banking, insurance and investment requirements are different to those of people in ‘the real world.’

If you are working on a boat, we can help you with all your financial planning needs wherever you are in the world.

From setting up a specialist international bank account, to taking the first steps to creating your investment portfolio, saving for a house deposit or providing your crew with medical insurance – we have it covered.

We offer a range of products that have been created by financial professionals and Yachting Financial Solutions EXCLUSIVELY for yacht crew. So you can plan your financial future safe in the knowledge that it’s designed especially for your yachting lifestyle.

About us

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What we do :

Financial Planning For Yacht Crew

Helping you define and achieve your financial goals, so you can leave yachting rich!

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Financial Planning includes

Investments for Yacht Crew

investments for yacht crewMaking your money work harder, especially designed for your yachting lifestyle.

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Mortgages for Yacht Crew

mortgages for yacht crewGetting you onto the property ladder all over the world.

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Health Insurance for Yacht Crew

Health insurance for Yacht CrewProtecting you whether you’re onboard working hard, or onshore playing hard.

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Life Insurance for Yacht Crew

Life or Income Insurance for Yacht CrewProtecting your  family and salary in life’s difficult times.

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Banking for Yacht Crew

International Banking for Yacht CrewBanking your money in different currencies , wherever you are in the world.

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Currency Exchange for Yacht Crew

Currency Exchange for Yacht CrewSaving your money when transferring into different currencies.

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The Crew Business Lounge by YFSOL

The Crew Business Lounge is the only business space dedicated to Yacht Crew.
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We go where you are.

We know yachting. We know your lifestyle and the demands your work places on you. So, we come to you.

Our directors, Clive and Teresa, are in Antibes and Palma regularly for face-to-face meetings. And their schedule takes them all over the world. They also speak regularly with clients via Skype—even when they are at sea. Teresa will be at the Monaco Yacht Show too, 28th September—1st October.

If you’d like to get yourself on the road to financial independence, get in touch today and set up a meeting with one of them.They’ve made it their life’s work to help you pursue your dreams.

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